Toyota Sienta

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In September 2003, Toyota launched its small 5-door minivan having sliding passenger doors. Despite of its small size, it can still accommodate seven passengers. An avant-garde styling is used for Sienta that resembles the Renault Twingo.

It is basically a three-row, seven-seater compact MPV that shares the platform with a subcompact Vitz. As it is designed as a family car, it receives a unique front and generous interior.

The Sienta is equipped with a 1.5-L petrol VVT-i engine generating 110 bhp (82 kW) at 6000 rpm mated to a CVT transmission that offers a smooth and improved driving experience. The two most prominent safety features offered in Sienta are ABS and EBD.

The interior of the Sienta is made pretty flexible as it offers your different configurations for seat folding so as to accommodate varying size luggage. Inside the cabin, there are provided multi compartments at useful places to store or place small items. Similarly, it rear sliding doors are large enough to allow the passengers to move into the car or out easily.

Large number of Sientas can be seen running on the Japanese roads, perhaps for the fact of its easy maintenance and low fuel consumption for any MPV that ranges from 12km/l to 16km/l. however, the car has also been imported to some other countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Three years after the appearance of its first production unit, the Sienta received a facelift in 2006. Some new exterior colors were introduced including Apple Green, Gun-Metal Grey, and Metallic Blue. Also, the facelift models featured double electric-powered sliding doors.

In Japan, the 2007 model year Sienta received G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, as an option feature.

The production of the Toyota Sienta was ceased by the company in autumn 2010 irrespective of the fact that it was still doing well in the sales. However, the company relaunched it without making any changes to its mechanicals in May 2011. However, the car receives new names for trim levels and more sportier and aggressive styling. A new sports model is also introduced as Sienta Dice. This new model is introduced as a consequence of the recent natural calamity, i.e. March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami.

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