Toyota Isis

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Toyota Isis is a seven seat large multi-purpose vehicle. It is prepared by Kanto Auto Works under license from the Japanese automaker Toyota. The first production model of Toyota Isis was introduced in September 2004 and it was offered for sale only in Japan. Toyota Isis offers sliding doors and is sold either as front- or rear-wheel drive. It is powered by a straight-4 1.8-L and 2.0-L gasoline engines. Honda Stream and Nissan Lafesta are its major competitors in Japan.

Another worth mentioning feature of Toyota Isis is its sliding doors which are so assembled that the front passenger door and the rear passenger sliding door clasped together when closed rather than using a door jamb to which doors are attached. At one place, the Japanese automaker referred to this door system as “Panoramic Door”. However, this sort of door system is only introduced on the passenger side, while the driver’s door is still fixed to the door jamb. In order to provide passenger access to the rear seats, the front passenger seat possibly folded flat upon itself and tilted forward. Besides interlocking with each other, the doors can also be interlocked into top and bottom position so as to make it possible to open the door independently. This system was first introduced in Toyota Raum by Toyota as well as on the USA-spec Toyota Tundra Extra Cab (2000-2006). However, this system was first employed in 1981 by Nissan on its Nissan Prairie.

The G-BOOK, a telematics service is optional in the 2007 model year for the Japanese domestic market.

The name of the vehicle has always been a mysterious feature. Isis was basically a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs worshipped all across the Greco-Roman world. She was worshipped as an ideal mother and wife, matron of nature and magic; friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, as well as listening to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers. In general, Isis was known to be the goddess of motherland and fertility.

Trim Levels (Japan-spec)

The 2000 cc models offer a range of different trim levels including: Platana (2WD/4WD); G“U-SELECTION” (2WD/4WD); G (2WD/4WD); L (2WD/4WD); and L“X-SELECTION” (2WD/4WD).

The trim levels for 1800 cc are: Platana (2WD); L (2WD); and L“X-SELECTION” (2WD).

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