Toyota Curren

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Toyota Curren or simply Curren is a vehicle manufactured by Toyota. It was offered in Japan along with some other countries, however, it was never offered in North American market. All the Curren produced were right-hand drive.

Toyota Curren shared it looks with the 6th generation Celica coupe but with minor differences such as it had different headlights, emblems and taillights. The interior of the Curren also resembles to the right-hand drive Celica. The headlights of the Curren resembles to the Toyota Scepter.

1994 and 1995 Models

The 1994 model of Curren was offered in two different model versions, ST206 and ST207. The St206 offered in four trim levels including FS, XS, ZS and the ZS Sport Selection. Both the FS and XS trim levels received 3S-FE engine, producing 140 hp. The ZS trim received a 3S-GE engine producing 170-180 hp. The ZS Sport Selection received a limited slip differential as well as a leather steering wheel.

If we talk about the suspension, there were some versions of ST206 powered by 3S-FE engine that offer the Toyota’s Super Strut Suspension System, while other models received the Macpherson Strut Suspension System. All the Curren models featured disc brakes on all the four wheels of the vehicle.

The ST207 model had only one XS Touring Selection that was equipped with a 3S-FE as well as four-wheel steering.

The 1995 model year came with XS and ZS S-Packages that featured a rear spoiler, rear wiper, alloy wheels and a 10 hp of extra speed. In 1995, the ST208 was launched as a new base model. It was a front-wheel drive and didn’t offer four-wheel steering. It was offered in two trim levels including TS and TS Private Selection, both of which were equipped with a 1.8-L 4S-FE engine, generating 125 hp.

1996-1998 Facelift Models

A facelift model was offered for the Curren in 1996 that featured a completely renewed front bumper, clear front turn signals and a renewed front grille as well. The facelift also featured restyled taillights featuring a darker tilt and clear turn signals.

1997 was regarded as the last year for the ST207 to receive a four wheel steering. The other models didn’t receive many changes during that time before the Curren was completely gone out of production in 1998.

1997 marked the last year of the four wheel steering ST207 model. The rest of the models remained unchanged until it was discontinued from production in 1998.

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