Toyota Corona EXiV

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In 1989, Toyota introduced its sporty version of Toyota Corona, called the Toyota Corona EXiV which was also considered as the sister car to Toyota Carina ED. EXiV was an acronym for ‘Extra impressiVe’.

First Generation (1989-1993) ST180 Series

The first generation Corona EXiV was introduced in 1989. Carina was another sport version of the Corona where Carina was based on the Celica platform. Unlike the regular coupe sedan, the EXiV offered a much luxurious hardtop design. Also, EXiV shared its platform with the Carina ED. Toyota also offered the hardtop design with its other rather smaller vehicles including the Corolla Ceres and the Sprinter Marino.

The Toyota Corona EXiV was offered in front-wheel drive with two engine displacements including 1800 cc and 2000 cc along with the world’s first dual-mode switchable in 2-wheel steering (2WS) and 4-wheel steering (4WS). The vehicle was designed and produced during the era of Bubble Economy in Japan. Still it had a plenty worth noting characteristics.

Toyota brought some changes to the car in 1990 so as to increase the engine performance of the car by generating some extra power.

The vehicle again received some slight changes in 1991. The new 14-inch five-hole lug nuts wheels were introduced to the 1800 cc version of the car.

Second Generation (1993-1998) ST200 Series

The second generation Corona EXiV was completely a redesigned model and offered as a 4-door sedan. With front mounted engine, offering as either a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The car was offered with three engine variants including, a 2.0-L i4 3S-GE, a 2.0-L i4 3S-FE and a 1.8-L i4 4S-FE, all of them mated to 4-speed automatic or 5-speed automatic transmission.

The front-wheel drive version received the 3S-GE engine while the same engine was given to the 4WD models in May 1994.

In September 1995, the model received a lot of minor modifications and changes such as driver-side airbag became standard, auto-door lock feature brought under one control, keyhole light was dropped and manual air-conditioning was introduced to 3S-FE models.

In June 1996, the Anti0-Braking System (ABS) became part of the vehicle and also the passenger seat airbags also became standard. AV multi-station option was also introduced.

Being influenced by the hardtop model of the time, the vehicle finally went out of the production in April, 1998.

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