Toyota Corolla (E140)

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Toyota E140 is mainly the tenth generation model of the Toyota Corolla. Both E140 and E150 use the MC platform of Toyota.

On October 10, 2006, the first tenth generation Corolla (E140) was introduced in Japan. At present, this sedan is commonly called the Corolla Axio. The term ‘Axio’ is derived from the Greek ‘axia’ means ‘things with value’. The station wagon version is sold as Corolla Fielder. The tenth generation Corolla (E140) features the Toyota’s latest intelligent parking-assist system and a backup camera monitor.

In Japan, the Corolla E140 is offered with three engine variants including: a 1797 cc (1.797-L; 109.7 cubic inch) I4 (2ZR-FE), producing 136 PS (100 kW; 134 hp) at 6000 rpm and torque of 175 Nm (129 lb-ft) at 4400 rpm in LUXEL models; 1,496 cc (1.496-L; 91.3 cubic inch) I4 (1NZ-FE), producing 110 PS (81 kW; 110 hp) at 6000 rpm and torque of 140 Nm (100 lb-ft) at 4400 rpm in G, X models; and 1,496 cc (1.496 L; 91.3 cubic inch) I4 turbo (1NZ-FE), producing 150 PS (110 kW; 150 hp) at 6000 rpm and torque of 200 Nm (150 lb-ft) at 4800 rpm in Axio GT models.

The LUXEL models receive a Super CVT-i transmission; both G, X models are offered with Super CVT-i as well as 5-speed manual transmission and Axio GT is available with 5-speed manual transmission.


All the Corolla Axio models features a rear-view monitor that displays the rear image of the vehicle so as to assist the driver while backing up. This feature is standard on all the models.

There is also an optional advanced Intelligent Parking Assist system that assists the driver when he is intended to do parallel parking or backing into a parking space. There are also Ultrasonic Sensors fixed on the front that detect the position of the other parked vehicles and accordingly approximate the physical dimensions of a vacant parking space. Toyota has also introduced a new Pre-Crash Safety System in Corolla E140 that uses millimeter-wave radar to detect the high risk of collision. Here the Pre-Crash Seatbelts offer better self-control to the passenger whereas the Pre-Crash Brake Assist System slows down the vehicle down to ensures less damage caused by collision. Toyota also offers a new Radar Cruise Control System that detects and monitors your distance from the front car and manages the distance depending on the speed of the front car within the preset range.


Since the launch of the Corolla Axio, it has received a mix response. According to Motor Trend, “The Car’s body style is still outdated and looks the same as the ninth generation.” However, there are many who found the vehicle impressive.


In 2009 season, Toyota introduced a mid-shipped Axio E141 replacing the MR-S that initially participated in GT300 class of Super GT with APR team.

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