Toyota Camry Solara

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Toyota Camry Solara or simply Toyota Solara is a Toyota’s mid-sized coupe/convertible that is designed in particular to target the group of more sport-mined drivers. Certainly, this car is not meant to appeal the people who better like Camry sedan. In order to appeal the sport-minded customers, this Solara offers more sporty and stylish appearance together with comfortable spacious environment. This front-wheel drive Solara only gets a Solara emblem on its exterior and hardly mentions Camry nameplate while mentioning the car in particular.

Before getting into the production for Camry Solara, the company manufactured a 2-door version of the Camry, commonly known as Camry Coupe in 1994 as third generation model. The idea behind the designing and development of this 2-door Camry Coupe was to compete with the cars of similar class like Honda Accord. This 2-door coupe failed to appeal the people who had already been enticed by 4-door Camry sedan and hence, in 1997 the production was stopped.

The company made another attempt in 1999 to manufacture a vehicle to compete with other similar class coupes. Toyota ended up in designing and manufacturing Camry Solara. At the time Camry Solara was way behind in its development related to Camry sedan, while its competitors Honda Accord sedan and Honda Accord coupe were relatively upgraded. Solara was in no way represent the fourth generation model of Camry rather it came with its own styling and designing such as swooped roofline, heavily creased sides, unique front and rear fascia etc. in 2004, the second generation Camry Solara based on the 2002 Camry sedan launched.

Up till the production of seventh generation, Toyota had no plans to upgrade the Solara based on the similar platform. Solara failed to achieve the required goals and for this reason, it didn’t get the major updates necessary to compete with other cars of similar class and also fell behind the new generation models of the sedan. After the launch of 2008 model year, the production of the Solara Coupe was ceased by the company; however, the Solara convertible remained in production as it had done well in sales than coupe version. The production of the Solara convertible was also stopped in 2009.

Use of Model Name

The term Solara was first used by the Peugeot on its motor vehicle named Talbot Solara which was a notchback variant of the Chrysler Alpine hatchback manufactured by Chrysler Europe in 1978 prior to be taken over by Peugeot. Peugeot has the right to use the Solara name inside Europe. Time and again this nameplate appears on the limited edition models since long time. For instance, we have seen that Mitsubishi Australia also used this name on its mid-spec models of Mitsubishi Magna sedan and station wagon.

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