Toyota Camry

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Toyota Camry is a compact midsize vehicle manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. The first model of Camry was introduced in 1992 and offered for sale all across the world. Somewhere between 1980 and 1982, the name tag Camry was assigned to a four-door sedan commonly known as Toyota Celica Camry.

The word ‘Camry’ is in fact an Anglicized transcription of the Japanese word ‘kanmuri’ means ‘crown’. This indicates the Toyota’s tradition of naming its primary models on crown names. For instance, the company first used it as Toyota Crown in 1955 followed by Toyota Corona and Toyota Corolla, the two Latin words used for crown and small crown respectively.

The Camry has a good selling market in the United States as it has remained a best selling car for the last few years there. Camry also has a good selling market in Australia, Canada and certain Asian countries other than Japan. In spite of its success all over the world, the car failed to do well in the Japanese domestic as well as European market as a result of which the sales discontinued in both the countries by 2004. In the East and Southeast Asian markets, the high-end Camry models are often treated as executive cars.

It is offered as compact (narrow-body) or midsize (wide-body) class.


V10 (1982–1986)

In 1982, Camry became an independent model line with the launch of V10 series offered in four-door sedan and five-door hatchback. Vista V10 was produced as an alternative for local market.

V20 (1986–1990)

In 1986, the second model of the Camry appeared as a four-door hardtop and five-door station wagon rather than the previous liftback design. Like V10, Vista V20 launched for the local market.

V30 (1990–1994)

In July 1990, the company launched its Camry V30 model solely for its Japanese market. The Vista version of this model was also produced as sedan and hardtop body variants.

V40 (1994–1998)

In 1994, V40 Camry model was launched as usual followed by its Vista variant. V40 received a 1.8-liter (4S-FE type) and 2.0-liter (3S-FE type), and a 2.2-liter turbodiesel (3C-T type). However, initially, it became with 2.0-L engine only.

Widened Body

XV10 (1991–1996)

XV10 was basically a widened version of V30. When in 1990 V20 was upgraded to V30 for the Japanese market, its widened version was introduced in Australia and North America.

XV20 (1996–2001)

In Japan, it was known as Camry Gracia. The XV20 series Camry was first introduced in December 1996 as a sedan and station wagon. In United States, only sedan version was offered for sale.

XV30 (2001–2006)

The 2002 model year of Toyota Camry was introduced by the company in September 2001. It was a relatively larger sedan. There was no station wagon version of XV30 series Camry. XV30 Series Camry taking its styling hints from Vitz, Corolla, and Camry Solara.

XV40 (2006–Present)

In 2006, the XV40 series Camry was launched for the first time at the North American International Auto Show where its hybrid version was also revealed. The 2007 model year of XV40 series Camry was offered for sale in March 2006.

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