Toyota Caldina

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In 1992, the Toyota Motor Corporation produced a vehicle for Japanese domestic market under the nameplate of Toyota Caldina. It was a replacement vehicle for the Toyota Carina Surf.

Toyota has never been involved in the export of Caldina outside the Japan, yet being having a remarkable 4WD features as well as large in size, it became a major grey import in Australia, New Zealand, Russian and several South American states.

Model History

First Generation (1992-1997)

The first generation Caldina was first appeared in 1992. It was 5-door wagon and often taken as a commercial van version of the four-door sedan named Toyota Corona. The wagon featured an independent strut rear suspension whereas the commercial van featured semi-independent leaf springs.

Second Generation (1997-2002)

The second generation Caldina is a Japanese version of Toyota Avensis wagon that based on the same platform as Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio.

This 4WD second generation model codenamed as ST215 features an Active Sports GT paired to the 3S-GE engine. However, the top end version GT-T featured a turbocharged 260 PS (191 kW/256 hp) equipped with fourth generation 3S-GTE engine along with an all-wheel drive system taken from Toyota Celica GT-Four. There were certain optional features as well for GT-T including an electronic stability control (VSC), a large sunroof and contoured roof racks are standard on Aerial version. The curb weight of Caldina measured about 1470 kg (3241 lb) and still it gives a performance like Subaru WRX wagon by sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds. A slightly redesigned version appeared in 2000 that features new bumpers and lamps, a revamped interior and also an extra lug introduced to overcome warping issue found in previous models.

The regular models receives 1.8 L 7A-FE, the 2.0 L gasoline 3S-FE, and the 2.2 L diesel 3C-TE engines.

Third Generation (2002-2007)

In 2002, a redesigned third generation Caldina was introduced. This pure sports wagon didn’t based on the Allion, Premio and Avensis platforms. The third generation Caldina offered with different engine versions including a 1.8 L 1ZZ-FE, 2.0 L 1AZ-FSE, or 2.0 L turbo 3S-GTE. The different levels offered for third generation Caldina include 1.8 X, 1.8 Z, 2.0 Z, 2.0 ZT, and 2.0 GT-Four. Form year 2005 to 2007, Toyota produced MKII Model with slightest of modifications. Almost all the versions mated to automatic transmission as well as electronic handbrake system, while GT-Four came with tiptronic transmission. After the Celica, Caldina became one of the sportiest models marketed in Japanese domestic market. In Malaysia, Caldina GT-Four is offered as a grey-import car.

In 2007, the company has decided to stop the production of Caldina. With the discontinuation of Caldina, 3S-GTE engine and GT-Four nameplate also disappeared from Toyota’s lineup.

A Special Edition Caldina GT-Four was produced to compliment the Toyota Motor Sport Development folks and Hiromu Naruse, creator of first GT-Four. This special edition was given the nameplate, the Caldina GT-Four ‘N’ where ‘N’ represents the Naruse. This special edition model offered with many performance enhancements.

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