Tommy Kaira

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Tommy Kaira is formed on May 1, 2002 with its headquarters located in Minami-ku, in Kyoto, Japan. The name of the company is basically taken form its two founders names, i.e. Yoshikazu Tomita and Kikuo Kaira. Tomita Dream Factory was regarded as its parent factory that was founded in 1968. A large number of Tommy Kaira’s custom cars have already been appeared in the Gran Turismo series of video games.

Car Tuning

The company started its formal operations in 1987 by revealing a tuned Mercedes-Benz 190E, renamed as ‘Tommy Kaira M19’. The interesting fact is that the earlier cars tuned by the company were all belong to European brands instead of Japanese brands. This was the reason that Tommy Kaira came up with M19 and M30E. However, form the year 1988 onwards, Tommy Kaira turned its focus to tune the cars made in Japan. The two prominent names with which the company worked include Nissan and Subaru.

Traditionally, Tommy Kaira is known provide mechanical and visual improvements to particularly four cars including Nissan Skyline, Nissan March, Subaru Impreza and Subaru Legacy. The tuned a Nissan Skyline R31 as Tommy Kaira M30 in 1988; Subaru Impreza was tuned as M20b and Nissan March as M13 in 1993; and in 1994 the company tuned the Subaru Legacy Wagon and named it as M20tb. Kyoto-based company showed too much interest in it. The company tuned the Nissan GTR R35 and renamed it as Tommy Kaira GTR R3535.

Apart from the aforementioned four models, Tommy Kaira has customized a number other of different models including Nissan 300ZX, Nissan Silvia, Toyota Vitz, and Nissan 350Z as well as variety of kei cars from Japanese automakers. The company has brought some diverse mechanical and visual improvements on the cars and rebranded them as if the company itself were behind the production units with an agreement of the patent manufacturers. We have some obvious examples like Subaru Impreza is rebranded as Tommy Kaira M20b and Nissan 350Z as Tommy Kaira Z. This is not the only company, which has been involved in customization of different cars as German tuning firms like Ruf and Gemballa has also been indulged in similar tasks.

Car Manufacturing And economic Crisis

Up till 1996, the company was involved in customizing the pre-existing models mainly from Nissan and Subaru; however, all the major work done on the cars resulted gaining some remarkable appreciation as a separate brand.

The company with a view to strengthen that image planned to manufacture its own car. The car was given the name ZZ that was manufactured in Norfolk, England. The major part of ZZ’s sales belonged to Japan as a result of which the firm preparing ZZs bore heavy losses and ceased. However, the company remanufactured the car in 2002 with a name of Leading Edge 190RT with the help of Breckland Technologies.

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