Suzuki Kizashi

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On 30 July, 2009, Suzuki Kizashi (???) a mid-size car was showcased in United States, and it started selling in October 2009  in Japan , 1st December 2009 in North America and 11th May 2010 in New Zealand and Australia. Being the first mid size Suzuki automobile in Australian market, it was launched in India on 2nd February 2011.


Kizashi comes from the Japanese word meaning sign or something great is coming; hence it is likely for Suzuki to advise others, that this is a sample of Suzuki’s future products. It remains to be Suzuki’s flagship sedan and is now crossing the Japanese government regulations in relation to outside dimensions and “compact” classified as engine displacement for cars.

Description and models

Front-wheel drive (FWD) and an engine of 2.4 liter 4-cylinder able to develop 185 hp (138 kW) and 170 lb·ft (230 N·m) of torque are the standard equipments. Continuously variable transmission (CVT) and 6-speed manual are the available transmission, CVT version bringing the power down to 180 hp (134 kW), and has a 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) time of about 8 seconds. This comes with alloy wheels of 17 and 18 inches, covered seating’s, 425-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system along with iPod and Bluetooth capability and Akebono sourced brakes, all wheel drive (AWD featuring in Suzuki SX-4) being optional and has a driver-activated FWD mode to save fuel.

2.4L and 3.6L petrol engines will be displayed and 2.0L turbodiesel as well for European markets. FWD being standard, though AWD will be optional in few models also paddle-shift six-speed automatic. Supreme Winner in the 2010 AA Motoring Excellence Awards and New Zealand Herald Car of the Year Award was won by this in December 2010, and was praised for its refinement, detail and comfort.


Due to a glove box door which did not comply with FMVSS 201 and lead to opening of the door in crash, Suzuki had recalled its Kizashi vehicles of 5,107 model year 2010 on 28th June 2010.

2011 New York International Auto Show

Kizashi Apex

Inspired by the company’s motorcycles, for high performance it features a sports tires and wheels, a new turbocharged engine outputting approximately 205-224kW and exterior paint job.

Kizashi EcoCharge

Suzuki’s powerful 2.0 L gasoline engine which boots accordingly to a 15 kw belt-driven electric motor to give a combination of 144 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque. This is further improved with the help of six-speed automatic transmission for fuel efficiency, regenerative braking, low rolling resistance tires and stop-start technology that adds to significant improvement. American Suzuki Motor Corporation’s director of product planning and automotive marketing, Steve Younan explains that there are plans to move ahead with the same products and the proof for the same is that Kizashi EcoCharge is capable of delivering 25 % fuel economy gain to the system of power train through an electric charge which further retains the making of its dynamic handling and breaking advantages that makes it outstanding.

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