Suzuki Aerio

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Suzuki Motor Corporation have introduced a compact car called the Suzuki Aerio which is called as Liana which means Life In A New Age, in different countries like China, Europe, South Asia and Australia. This vehicle was introduced in the year 2001 in place of Suzuki Esteem/Baleno, which comes with a pretty tall 5 doors of SX model hatchback (for better and efficient space) and a sedan body of 4-door system. It comes with distinctive features of gasoline of 16-valve with 2 different straight-4 engines types, along with 1.8 L and 1.5 L, and is easily capable of 125 PS JIS (92Kw, 123hp) respectively. Production of this vehicle then stopped in the year 2007 all over the world and was then replaced by a new SX-4 Suzuki model, except for Pakistan where this vehicle is still being observed by Pak Suzuki Motor and China where it is manufactured by Changhe-Suzuki.

In North America various models came in with much larger and more powerful engine of 2.0L with 145hp (108 Kw). Along with an optional of automatic 4-speed system, a manual transmission of 5-speed was standard as well. All-wheel-drive was easily available but that too only the automatic types. American Aerios was introduced in two trim levels: the S and GS in the year 2002-2004, S and LX in the year 2005 and premium and base in the year 2006-2007 likewise. Few modifications and alterations took place in these years to a latest 2.3 liter engine of 155hp (116 Kw, 157 PS) in the year 2004, in the year 2005 a better styling along with the refresh of the interiors that is the replacement of the conventional analog types of digital instruments, and then in the year 2006 the standardization came in of the antilock brakes. Aerio sedan was the only thing that remained for the year 2007, since the hatchback was to be shelved in order to make space for the new hatchback of SX4 in 2007. Similarly, at the year’s end, the Aerio sedan was exited which is called as the Baleno Next-G in all parts of Indonesia, thus making a room for sedan SX4 Sport in 2008 called as the Neo Baleno in all parts of Indonesia. Aerio was the perfect affordable car throughout its survival that offered all-wheel-drive in America.

Liana in Europe, known as the Life in a New Age, was found to be a better affordable option amongst the other mini MPVs and small family cars, thus initiating a Suzuki M engines of a modern generation, with the engines of 1.6 L I4 and 1.3 L likewise. On the bigger engine, the availability of All wheel drive was ready. The car was modified in the year 2004 with such a look that was very close to the Japanese version, and even the new modified Diesel engine by a 16 valve related version of the 1.4 L engine HDi that was supplied by the  PSA Peugeot Citroën that is easily capable of 90 PS (66 kW; 89 hp) supported by a direct injection common rail and variable geometry turbocharger.

The segment of Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car in the Top Gears of BBC’s, Liana was one of the best popularly known for its appearance as the usage of this saloon model was there since its first show till the year 2006 in spring season, where Chevrolet Lacetti had taken it over then. Now, at this time, this model has undergone a partial retirement wherein it is brought back only when there is a Formula 1 driver as its guest.

In October of 2010, in China, Changhe-Suzuki had released a hatchback of 1.4L liana, known as the Liana a+, that was being sold along with the versions of 1.6L.

In Pakistan, the production of Liana was continued in the variants of 1.6L and 1.3L relatively.

The sales of Liana were very slow in most of the former countries of Yugoslav and Hungary.

Pikes Peak

In the year 2001, there was a special space frame car for racing being built by Suzuki for hill climb and related races with such a body shell that resembles the Aerio being dubbed by the Pikes Peak Special P950 by the Suzuki Aerio only driven by the manager of its rally team and Nobuhiro Tajima, the rally driver of the former.

In a grand Vitara, Yutaka Awazuhara a team mate overtook the forth completely, after the retirement of Tajima from the race, which was suffering because of the mechanical failures, just one mile short from the finishing line that is 1.6 km. the same year in the All Japan Dirt Trial Championship, Tajima would have managed to finish as a runner up by using the same car and in the year 2003 have thus won the hill climb of Race to the Sky much before the rebuilt of the Grand Vitara, then an XL7 in the year 2007, and hence breaking the overall record course at Pikes Peak.


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