Subaru Traviq (Opel Zafira)

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A compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) designed and manufactured by Opel, a German automobile manufacturer. In the United Kingdom, the Zafira is marketed as Vauxhall, while it is sold as Subaru Traviq in the Japanese market. The vehicle made its debut in 1999 and since then it has been in production.

First Generation (Zafira A; 1999-2005)

The first generation Zafira was introduced in 1999. It was designated as Zafira A being followed the customs of Opel and shared its platform with the 1998 Astra G/B. It also shared many designing cues with Astra. The structure of Zafira A was also utilized by General Motors for their concept hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle named the HydroGen3. In 2005, when second generation Zafira was launched, the first generation Zafira A was discontinued in Japan as well as Europe, while the Zafira was withdrawn from Australian and New Zealand markets totally after the launch of second generation. The Zafira was also offered in Philippines until the launch of Zafira B.

It was available with seven seats which are arranged in three rows, where the back row had the tendency to fold into the floor bed offering additional space. This system of folding a seat within the floor bed was known as Flex 7.

Second Generation (Zafira B; 2005-present)

The second generation Zafira originally designated as Zafira B was introduced in 2004 in Europe, while the sales began in 2005. The Zafira B is also based in Astra, but this time on H/C model with which it shares many of its designing and mechanical features.

The Zafira arrived in Singapore in early 2006. Up to March 2006, the Zafira B was only launched in Europe, Singapore and Japan. However, the Zafira B debuted in Mexico and Chile in April and September 2006 respectively. In these markets, it was marketed as Chevrolet Zafira.

Names and Markets

In different markets, Zafira is offered under different names. For instance, it is offered as Opel Zafira in the markets like Europe (excluding UK), Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore and Taiwan. In the United Kingdom, it is marketed as Vauxhall Zafira. Brazil, Mexico and Chile receive it as Chevrolet Zafira, while in Japan it is sold under Subaru Traviq name.

The Chevrolet Zafira was withdrawn from the Mexican market in 2006 with the launch of 5-passenger Chevrolet HHR. In the United Kingdom, the Zafira had been a great success and regarded as the tenth best selling new vehicle.


For the second generation Zafira B, Opel decided to replace the previous 2.0-L and 2.2-L turbodiesel I4 engines with a 1.9-L common-trail turbodiesel built by Fiat (Multijet). A performance version with 2.0-L turbocharged 240 hp (180 kW) was also introduced by Opel Performance Center. For Zafira B, a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) model with a 1.6-L engine is also offered.

Third Generation (2011-present)

The third generation Zafira designated as Zafira Tourer C was displayed at Geneva Motor Show in early 2011. It was exhibited as Zafira Tourer Concept. According to reports from company, the new Zafira Tourer C will go on sale alongside the second generation Zafira B. The new Zafira is supposed to compete with Ford S-Max.

It is hoped to the production version of the Zafira Tourer C will be introduced at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September 201. The official sales will most probably start early next year.

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