Prince Motor Company

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Prince Motor Company was an independent Japanese automobile manufacturer started operations in 1952 as the Tachikawa Aircraft Company where popular Japanese Zero fighter panes were produced and used in Second World War. The company ceased its operations after the war. Later, company began its operations with a new name of Fuji Precision Industries and focused on automobiles. In 1946, the company produced its first electric car, the Tama. However, the company was renamed as Prince Motor after the Prince Akihito in 1952. The company was renamed for a number of times as it was renamed to Fuji Precision Industries in 1954 and then again renamed to Prince Motor Company in 1961.

Prince Motor Company gained a lot of fame for building premium automobiles. Skyline and Gloria were known to be the most successful cars in its lineup. However, in 1966, the company merged with Nissan and a lot of its models absorbed into the Nissan range. For instance, Prince Motor Company built the 15-passenger Homy that was later absorbed with Nissan’s Caravan and Nissan Laurel which was a four-door sedan mated to the Skyline of Prince.

Before the merger, Prince Motor Co. had the plans to produce a small car so as to contest with Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sunny, but the car was launched after the merger as Nissan Cherry which was a front-wheel drive. Prince Motor Company didn’t lose its existence after merger completely as it remained as a Nissan dealership network in Japan as long as the point when Nissan united their dealership network into Nissan Blue Stage and Nissan Red Stage.

The existing Nissan Gloria and Nissan Skyline are known as Infiniti M and Infiniti G (2003-present) in the United States respectively.

Other vehicles in the lineup include: Nissan Cherry (a small front-wheel-drive coupe and sedan); Prince Clipper (a cabover truck) (Japanese: Prince Clipper); Prince Gloria (a luxury sedan); Prince Homer (a pickup truck based on the Homy); Prince Homy (a cargo van/minibus); Nissan Laurel (a semi-luxury sedan/coupe); Prince Miler (a pickup truck based on the Skyline); Prince R380 (a race car); Nissan Prince Royal (a limousine made for the Imperial Household of Japan); Prince Skyline (a performance coupe/sedan); and Prince Skyway (a delivery van based on the Skyline)

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