Nissan Terrano II

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The Nissan Terrano II (also marketed as Nissan Mistral in certain markets) was launched by Japanese automaker Nissan Motors in 1993 as a mid-sized SUV. The vehicle was also assembled by Nissan’s subsidiary Nissan Motor Ibérica S.A. to meet the demands of European market, where it was marketed as Nissan Terrano II. Under an OEM agreement, it was also supplied to Ford Europe that sold it as Ford Maverick. The Nissan Terrano II remained in production until 2006. Throughout its production life, the Terrano II received a lot of minor updates without changing its basic shape. The Nissan Terrano II was internally designated as R20.

The vehicle shared its platform with the WD21 Nissan Terrano and was offered in two body styles having different wheelbase, i.e. a shorter 3-door and longer 5-door model. Nissan also produced a 3-door panel van version particularly for the British market. Unlike many rival vehicles, the R20 was taller with high ground clearance. It was designed by I.DE.A Institute, Italy.

In February 1993, Nissan started producing the Terrano II while the sales started in May 1993 in Europe. In Japanese market, Mistral was introduced in 1994 as a 5-door version. However, 3-door Mistral was added in 1995. The facelifted model with round headlights was introduced in 1996.

The Japanese Mistral version and the Ford Maverick were gradually cancelled leaving behind only the Terrano II that was facelifted another time featuring a new front fascia like many of the modern Nissan models and revised interior. Another facelift version was launched in 2002 that featured the steering wheel taken from the Nissan Primera P12. At the 72nd Geneva Motor Show, the model was exhibited simply as Nissan Terrano in Europe, while the previous Terrano was rebadged as Nissan Pathfinder.

In Europe, the Pathfinder was sold up till 2006 before its production was halted in Spain. Three different models replaced Pathfinder in some way or indirectly including: the Nissan X-Trail, sold alongside Pathfinder since 2001; the Nissan Pathfinder and the UK based Nissan Qashqai. However, Qashqai comes with 5-door unibody platform, while the Terrano II featured a body-on-frame platform and usually 2- or 5-door version.


The Mistral was powered by 2.4-L petrol and 2.7-L turbodiesel engines when introduced in 1993. The petrol engine was upgraded in 1996 and became injected while the diesel engine became intercooled with 2.4i and 2.7 TDi took over earlier engine variants. The model produced from 1999 to 2006 were powered by a 3.0-L TDi DOHC, direct injected, turbodiesel, intercooled engine which was related to Nissan ZD engine series, the ZD30DDTi. The same engine also powers the Nissan Patrol. The 3.0-L TDi engine used in Mistral/Terrano offer more power and fuel efficiency over the 2.7-L TD engine.

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