Nissan Stagea

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The Nissan Stagea, also known as the Skyline Wagon when powered by 2.5-L Turbo engine, was introduced by Japanese automaker Nissan in 1996. It was introduced to compete with the popular Subaru Legacy Touring wagon in JDM (Japanese domestic market). This station wagon was based on the C34 Laurel platform.

Nissan introduced three different generations of Stagea, i.e. WC34 Series 1 produced from 1996 to late 1998), WC34 Series 2 produced from late 1998 to 2001 and the M35 Series produced from 2001 to 2007.

WC34 Series 1 Overview

The first generation WC34 Series 1 Stagea was released in 1996 and was powered by 2.0-L and 2.5-L turbo RB series engines. It was available in both 2WD and 4WD layout. The 4WD variant of Stagea was mechanically identical to the Nissan Skyline GTR. The 2.0-L version delivered 114 kW (153 hp), while the 2.5-L turbo models produced 172 kW (231 hp). The Series 1 Stagea came only with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Series 1 had many features common with that of the Series 3 R34 Skyline, particularly the front of the vehicle with identical headlamps as well as the position of the air dam and indicator lights.

The models include in Series 1 were: X AERO SELECTION (2WD), X (2WD), RS AERO SELECTION (2WD), RS (2WD), G (2WD), X (2WD), X FOUR AERO (4WD), X FOUR (4WD), RS FOUR V AERO (4WD), RS FOUR AERO (4WD), RS FOUR (4WD), G FOUR (4WD) and 260RS Autech Version (4WD).

WC34 Series 2 Overview

The second generation WC34 Series 2 Stagea was launched in 1998. It was almost identical to the Series 1 Stagea except for some minor differences. For instance, the headlights in Series 2 were slightly changes, i.e. the high beam light shifted to the grille and taillights were also revised. Interior also received some modifications. As for engines, the Series 2 Stagea used the same engine choices from previous series, though they were upgraded NEO version of the RB series. The top of the line models came with tiptronic auto transmission. Both 2WD and 4WD version were available and power output for the 2.0-L models remained the same 114 kW (153 hp), while improved for 2.5-L versions as 206 kW (276 hp). Different transmissions options were available as: 4-speed automatic, 4-speed tiptronic and 5-speed manual for the turbo RS FOUR S.

Different versions offered were: for 2WD – RS V AERO, RS V, RS V TYPE B, X AERO, X, RS AERO, R and G; for 4WD – X FOUR AERO, X FOUR, RS FOUR V, RS FOUR S, RS FOUR S TYPE B, RS FOUR AERO and RS FOUR

M35 Series Overview

The third generation M35 Series Stagea was launched in 2001 and remained in production until 2007. It was based on V35 platform and shared it with Skyline G35 sedan. It was very different from the previous series. The RB series I6 engines were dropped in favor of VQ series V6 engines.

Models offered include: for M35 Series 1 – 250RS/RS V/RX, 250RS FOUR/RX FOUR, 250tRS FOUR V/RX FOUR and 300RX; for M35 Series 2 – 250RX, 250RX FOUR, 350RX, 350RX FOUR and AR-X FOUR.

End of Life

In June 2007, Nissan decided to discontinue the production of Stagea.


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