Nissan President

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In 1960s Nissan introduced the Nissan President, a Japanese luxury limousine. This type of car is mostly used by cooperate executives and government officers. It was particularly designed for the Japanese market and limousine Toyota Century is its major competitor. Initially it was sold only in Japanese market. In the late 1980s the process of exports started to some of countries including Singapore and Hong Kong, however sales were restricted. In August 2010 the President was substituted by the Nissan Fuga.

President 150 and 250

In October 1965 the first generation of the Nissan President, designated H150 was introduce which replaced the Cedric Special as Nissan’ top-of-the-range model. It was offered either with a 4.0-L Y40 V8 engine, primarily developed that model, or the 3.0-L H30 straight-6 engine. The President used as an official car for the Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato as it was generously used for its time. Nissan presented to the Nissan President, EAL (Electro Anti-Lock System) as an option which became Japans first electronic ABS (Anti-lock braking system) in 1971.

In 1973 the second generation selected H250 was launched. A new fence added was with the previously designed frame. The V8 engine was now designated Y44E had its dislocation   increased to 4.4-L, whereas a 3.0-L version was still existing. In 1977, the Sovereign trim was included.

In 1982 major changes happened with deferral improvement, a larger fuel tank and a noticeable changes being the alternate of the round headlights with square version to the H250 President. The Sovereign VIP trim was included in 1985 and 250 series manufactured until 1990.

President HG50

The third generation President HG50 was launched in October 1989 at the Tokyo Motor Show. It went on sale in 1990. At the same time, a short-wheelbase version of the chassis was also released in the US market under Infiniti Q45 and under Nissan Q45 name in Japan. Both the vehicles had distinct front and rear styling. The third generation President designed radically in reply to the Lexus LS (1989) and Honda Legend (1985). Luxury sedans became the major attraction at that time and Nissan decisively took the challenge from Toyota and Honda and come up with President HG50.

Both the versions powered by a 4.5-L VH45DE V8 engine. A short-wheelbase version resembling Infiniti added in the range in 1993 as he President JS. In a meanwhile, Nissan’s special vehicles subsidiary Autech produced a Royal Limousine featuring split passenger compartment. The Limousine was developed with a view to replace the 1966 Nissan Prince Royal utilized by the Imperial Household Agency, but failed to make any impression.

President PGF50

The fourth generation President PGF50 was launched in 2002. It shared its platform with the F50 Nissan Cima (2001). It was powered by 4.5-L VK45DE V8 engine. It was offered in two distinct versions both of which are marketed under the same Sovereign name and were available in 5-passenger and 4-passenger setup. It had a competition with Mitsubishi Dignity, though Dignity was front-wheel drive.

The 4-passenger version was comparatively more expensive than the 5-passenger version and equipped with plentiful instruments like a relaxing seats, a Bose sound system and a host of electronic devices that could be controlled from a panel located in rear central armrest.

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