Nissan Junior

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In 1956, a range of medium-sized Pickup trucks were introduced by Nissan as the Nissan Junior. The idea was to cover up the gap between the light Datsuns and heavier Nissans like 80-series trucks. Comparatively, smaller Datsuns played a remarkable job by outsold the Toyota Hilux, but the larger Nissan Junior stood a step behind the Toyota Stout. The reason for this could possibly be the decision to sell it under an unusual Nissan name, Junior that is not at all appropriate for such a larger and strong truck. Nissan Junior is currently sold in Iran where it is assembled by the Zamyad Company. In 2004, Nissan launched its first full-sized Pickup under an appropriate name, Titan.

First Generation

B40 (1956–1960)

In October 1956, a medium-sized truck was introduced as B40 with a wheelbase of 2500 mm (98 inch) that had the ability to carry 1.75 ton load as well as three passengers. Although, it was not as spacious as a cabover, its bonneted layout offered a smooth ride. The B40 came with a 1.5-L (1489 cc) 1H 4-cylinder engine. The Junior Caball, a cabover version (Chassis Code C40) was released in December 1957. In addition to this, a VB40 Van was also revealed.

In the beginning, it came with engine generating 50 PS (37 kW) at 4400 rpm with a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph). B42 series was launched in August 1958 while B41 designation was skipped. The cabover Juinor Caball also received some minor changes and got the designation as C42.

A panel van, a glazed van (VSB42), a tank truck and a vacuum car (EGB42) were its other variants.

B140 (1960–1962)

When B40 series was discontinued in 1960, the new B140 series with minor changes including a revised grille and stretched wheelbase of 2610 mm (103 inch) was launched. It was powered by G-series engine found in the Cedric. The engine developed 71 PS (52 kW) at 5000 rpm with a top speed of 95 km/h (59 mph). B140 (B), a 1.25 ton version was also revealed in later years.

Second Generation

40-series (1962–1966)

In January 1962, the second generation 40-series Junior was introduced by Nissan. Compared to previous generation, it featured more contemporary styling and designing including 4 headlights mounted in smart flat setup, integrated fenders, and independent front-wheel suspension. The wheelbase was also stretched to 2800 mm (110 inch). The base model came with the same 1.5-L G engine with 71 PS (52 kW) found in B140 Junior. However, a new 1.9-L engine with a top speed of 110 km/h (68 mph) was added in the lineup later. 40-series Junior was the first medium-sized truck that could carry a load of 2 tons and also equipped with a 4-cylinder H engine found in the 31-series Cedric. There were many features that 4-series Junior took from the Cedric including: Cedric’s headlight surrounds, door handles, and various other trim details.

The 40-series offered in export markets received a bit higher engine power, i.e. 77 hp (57 kW) and 92 hp (69 kW). A fire truck F40 was introduced in July 1962. The fire truck also came with an A-1 class engine called FR40.

41-series (1966–1970)

The second generation 41-series was launched in 1962 with mild upgrades. The previously offered 1.9-L engine was upgraded to 2.0-L H20, 1982 cc engine with a top speed of 120km/h (75 mph). However, the 1.5-L engine was discontinued and the diesel engine was retained as Q41. Like the previous 40-series, the export versions received more engine power output of 99 hp (74 kW).

The different versions of 41-series offered were 41A, 41E, F41 and FR41 (6-cylinder fire engine). In 1968, the car received a minor modification in the form of a new grille. The production of the 41-series was discontinued in 1970.

Third Generation

140/141 series (1970–1982)

In October 1970, the third generation 140/141 series Junior was launched by Nissan Motors. For 140 series, Nissan merged the Junior and Miler range. Although, it was clearly a more contemporary than the previous 41-series, yet it failed to bring the required sales and compelled Nissan to cease its export outside the Asian market. It was also marketed by Prince Dealerships under Nissan Miler name. There motors were offered for this generation Junior including: 2.0-L petrol version (H20) with 99 PS (73 kW), a 1.6-L petrol version, and a 60 PS (44 kW) diesel (SD22). All the engines were 4-cylinder with two valves per cylinder. The 141-series was launched as an upgraded model in 1974. This series was launched in accordance with the 1975 emission regulations.

With every passing year, the sales of the Nissan Junior continued to drop considerably as a result of which Nissan decided to discontinue Junior without even offering a successor for it. Since February 1983, the 140 series Junior has been in production in Iran by the SAIPA. However, the production has shifted to Zamyad in 1998 and the series has been produced by company since then. The Z24 version in Iran receives a 2.4-L engine producing 114 PS (84 kW).

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