Nissan Homy

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The prince Motor Company built and sold the Nissan Homy before the fusion of Nissan in 1965. The Homy was considered to be the first automobile purchased by Nissan. The Prince Homy name was changed to Nissan after its union in August 1966. Its fusion was completed in 1970. Its framework is as like the Prince Homer which is a small pickup truck.

The Nissan Caravan purchased the Homy as a twin and it was sold by the Nissan Prince dealerships, along the Nissan Gloria and Nissan Skyline.  B640 which was the first creation series was built in 1965-1976 then changed to Nissan series T20, the second invention was erect from 1976-1980 named as E20, and the third generation E23 was made from 1980-1986. E24 was the final generation and was manufacture from 1986-1999, and substituted by the Nissan Elgrand Mechanically, the Nissan Caravan and the Nissan Homy were alike. Hiace is its traditional competitor from Toyota.

First Generation (1965-1976)

15 people and even more can b seated in the Prince Homy. It was initially called the Nissan Homy Prince and the Prince name was vanished in 1970 as the Prince-Nissan fusion began in 1966. In order to meet the terms with the 1970 Japanese Road Traffic Law, the automobile was reclassified as a profitable vehicle in 1972. As there was no companion vehicle for the Homy which Nissan had eventually the Homy was rebadged as the Nissan Caravan in 1973.

Second Generation (1976-1980)

The second generation was appeared to be decorative and superficial revise with no foremost mechanical modifications.

Third Generation (1980-1986)

The first full model changes were obtained by the Homy and its Caravan twin since the Homy was launched in 1965. The engine was the 2.0-L Straight-4 SOHC LD20T turbo diesel. The TD23 I4 was also accessible. After the involvement of the Emperor of Japan the Homy turned into a support vehicle for motorcades, in 1981.

Fourth Generation (1986-1997)

In September 1986 the Homy received its second full changed model and was given a 2.0-L Z20, as well as the LD20T turbo diesel. AWD was also included to the 2.7-L TD27 engine in September 1987. VG30E along with the 2.7-L turbo diesel offered “GT Limousine” the premium grade in March 1988. Cruise control, digital speedometers, larger wheels, upgraded interior and upholstery items were added and made marked changes year by year for remaining generations. The Homy was rebadged in August 1995 and marketed under Isuzu Fargo name, featuring the TD27ETi diesel engine.

In 1997 Nissan Elgrand exchanged with the Homy.

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