Nissan Elgrand

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Since 1997, Nissan has been producing a luxury MPV called the Nissan Elgrand. Three models of Elgrand has been produced by Nissan Motors, i.e. E50, E51 and E52.

First Generation (E50)

The first generation Elgrand appeared for the first time in May 1997 and remained in production until May 2002. A wide range of engines were offered such as petrol VG33E, VQ35DE, diesel QD32ETi and ZD30DDTi. All these engines were mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission and available in either 2- or 4-wheel drive.

E50 Model Variations

E50 was available in a wide range of model variations including: Caravan, Homy, Highway Star and Rider. Apart from these, some later variations were V, VG, X and XL.

E50 Alternatives

The Elgrand was also sold in Japanese market by Isuzu under the Isuzu Filly between 1997 and 2002.

The Elgrand was introduced in Philippines in 2007 and it is still sold there. These models are offered with diesel engines assembled in Japan. Homy and Caravan (Highway Star) were the two popular trim levels there.

Second Generation (E51)

The second generation E51 Elgrand was introduced in 2002 and remained in production until 2010 when third generation E52 replaced it. Toyota Alphard and Honda Elysion were the two major competitors of the Elgrand E52.

E51 Specifications

The second generation E51 was powered by either a 2.5-L or 3.5-L V6 VQ-series engine mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission equipped with Tiptronic shift. Power And Snow settings and 4×4 power options were some additional features. The E51 also features a multilink rear suspension with ventilated disc brakes.

E51 Design and Features

Compared to previous generation, the E51 was very different in terms of equipments and features offered. The E51 came with electronically controlled doors, side mirrors with signal lights, a rear rood spoiler and 16-inch (XL) or 17-inch (HWS) aluminum alloy wheels. The front received a chromed grille.

Interior of the E51 features captain-style seats, an eight-speaker sound system with an optional nine-speaker system by Bose Corp., and a TV/DVD player with a nine-inch (229mm) screen. The Carwings Vehicle Information System (VIS) is displayed on an eight-inch (203 mm) LCD monitor positioned on the dashboard. Heated front seats and electronic curtains are some additional features.

The E51 also features the ‘Keyless go’ feature while the GPS system is offered on Highway Star, Rider, X and XL Japanese versions, though versions sold in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, China also receive GPS system.

E51 Model Variations

There are total five models offered for E51 including: V, VG, X, XL, highway Star and Rider. All of them are powered by either a 3.5-L 240 bhp (179 kW; 243 PS) or 2.5-L engine.

At present, the Elgrand is marketed and sold in Japan via Nissan dealerships. However, limited number of E51 is exported to Hong Kong and Brunei as well.

Third Generation E52

The third generation Elgrand E52 is introduced in 2010 and is based on new US market R42H Nissan Quest. It is powered by Q35DE or QR25DE engine. The transmission used is either X-Troinic or CVT-M6.

World Markets

As Elgrand export is limited to few countries, the grey import market for Elgrands is coming out strongly in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Russia. The major reason of emerging grey import is the need to have an eight-seat vehicle or MPV and of course car enthusiasts.

The Elgrand offered in Hong Kong is available in two models including Elgrand XL and Elgrand Highway Star. Like the third generation Toyota Previa/Estima, the Elgrand also features AFS (Active Front Lighting System). Six different colors are offered for Elgrand. Twin sunroofs and Xenon headlamps with automatic on-off system are other additional features. Both Elgrand XL and Elgrand Highway Star are set to be sold at $486,800 Hong Kong Dollars.

The Elgrands are imported in the United Kingdom for resale through authorized Japanese car import agents or dealerships. At present, there are about 600 to 700 Elgrands E50 and about 50 units of E51 imported to United Kingdom.

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