Mitsuoka Galue

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The Japanese automaker is behind the introduction of Mitsuoka Galue. Two series of Galue are produced by Mitsuoka and both under Galue name. Since 2008, both these series are offered alongside each other.

First Series


The Galue-I was a part of first series Galue. It was built on platform that it shared with Nissan Crew. In addition to platform, Galue-I also shared its engine, i.e. 2.0-L RB20E engine and certain other mechanical specs with the Crew. In order to give it a more traditional looks, Mitsuoka radically treated the face and back of the vehicle. The chrome grille used appeared similar to the one found on Bentley’s R-type models. On its interior, it featured leather seats and wood trim. There were also present chrome wire wheels and door handles. It was officially debuted in 1996 and remained in production until 1999. Initially, it was launched as Galue, but after the launch of Galue-II in 1999, the vehicle was renamed as Galue-I and remained in sale up till 2001.


The Galue-II another model belonged to First Series was built on the platform taken from Nissan Cedric Y34 and Gloria Y34 hardtop. All the three vehicles had so many things common between them regarding design and mechanics. The Galue-II once again received some radical treatment on its front as well as rear end. The interior of the car was also updated. Compared to Galue-I, the Galue-II had more assertive styling cues. The disc or wire wheels were dropped in favor of new spoked alloy wheels. The engine options, a 2.5-L and 3.0-L V6 VQ-series engines were shared with the Cedric. The Galue-II remained in production line until 2005 when Galue-III took the place of Galue-II with Fuga replacing Cedric and Gloria for Nissan.


The platform used for this model was taken from the Nissan Fuga. Like previous models, this model too received some extensive treatment on its exterior and interior styling. For this model, Mitsuoka made the bumpers look relatively slimmer, while thickens the surrounding area of the grille. The Galue-III received the same 2.5-L and 3.5-L VQ—series engines, which it shared with Nissan Fuga. The Interior was now much more luxurious with modern gadgets. The vehicle was launched as Galue in 2005, but renamed as Galue-III from the 2008 model.

Galue Convertible

In 2007, Mitsuoka released the convertible version of Galue. In addition to the similar name, the other only similar feature between Galue-III and convertible version was the treatment of front-end and rear-end designing. All the remaining designing cues and features resembled with the Ford Mustang such as 4.0-L V6 and 4.6-L V8 engines. This version was available as left-hand drive vehicle.

Second Series

The Galue 204

The Galue 204 is in fact a second series Galue. Compared to previous models, the Galue 204 is relatively smaller and shared its platform with the Toyota Corolla Axio. It is available with two engine choices including a 1.5-L and 1.8-L units. Traditionally, it also comes with extensive exterior and interior work. Although, it bears same chrome grille as found on Galue-III, it now features a wire mesh in place of chrome slats, giving it looks similar to the Bentley Eight. The behind designing the Galue 204 is to offer people an economical vehicle without compromising on the feel of being luxurious and classic ride. Hence, Galue 204 is economical as well as luxurious car that targets the people who want to have luxurious car but with reasonable price tag. The 204 in the name has its own significance. For instance, the 2 in name indicates the class or series of the vehicle while 04 represents the current generation of the vehicle, i.e. fourth generation.

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