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Although, the basis of Mitsuoka Motors lay in February 1968, it was properly established in October 1979. It is a small automobile company in Japan. The company is named after Akio Mitsuoka, the president of the company.

Mitsuoka Motors is known as coach builder and the history of the company goes back to 1982, when the company produced BUBU shuttle 50 powered by 50cc engine. This model thought to be the beginning of the Mitsuoka as coach builder. In the later years, a number of different replicas were made. One such replica was BUBU Classic SSK revealed in 1987.

After the appearance of BUBU Classic SSK, Mitsuoka Motors revealed BUBU 356 Speedster, Le-Seyde, and Dore in the three consecutive years, i.e. 1989, 1990 and 1991 respectively. Among the three, Le-Seyde gained some special appreciation and the limited 500 units of it sold out in just 4 days. In the year 1993, Mitsuoka announced the Viewt which reminding us of the popular Jaguar Mark II.

A year after the release of the Viewt, Mitsuoka Zero1 appeared in the market. With the release of this car, the company was able to get type approval for the model and became the 10th Japanese passenger car manufacturer. Since then the company is involved in producing vehicles in different categories. However, until that point the company was involved in manufacturing chassis.

In 1996, the company revealed its ‘Galue’, ‘Zero 1 Type F’ and ‘Rei’ followed by Ryoga in 1998. These models later laid the basis for company’s current lineup. The turned back to its 50cc engine car concept again. Micro Car and Kit Car both remained for quite a long time in the news. These vehicles were certainly fun riding. Later company released a Battery Operated Micro Car. This was a kind of small car for only one passenger.

The company became the sole distributor of one of the popular London Taxi ‘TX-I’ from England. The same year, the famous Le-Seyde made its comeback after a period of ten years. The company took part in Tokyo Auto Show for the first time in 2001 where the company unveiled its first original model Orochi. This model is based on the company’s development concept, which was to make a super car that had never been made before by any other automobile maker.

The company right from its establishment has the dream to make super car. The revealing of Orochi at Tokyo Auto Show proved to be a first step towards the fulfillment of their dream. The company is still aiming higher and ready to face even bigger challenges to achieve a prominent position in automobile maker’s market.

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