Mazda Verisa

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The Mazda Verisa is based on the dual-engineered Mazda DE stage and a junior compact vehicle. It is only accessible in Japan and in 2004 it was it was commenced by the Japanese automaker. Both either ‘Tall hatchback’ or a ‘low mini MPV’ considered the Verisa. As Ford Fusion (Europe) and the Ford Fiesta has the strong relationship so same relationship is found between the Mazda Verisa and the famous Mazda Demio. Mazda Verisa’s tallness is 1530 mm (60.2) which is same as supplementary Japanese boxy junior compact automobiles and European mini MPVs as the Fiat Idea and Opel Meriva higher than this.

According to Mazda, the name of Verisa is formed by joining the two words from different languages, i.e. Italian word ‘verita’ (truth) with the English word ‘satisfaction’, and ‘true fulfillment’ is signified to the term Verisa in future. “Simple, quality and compact” is the slogan with which the vehicle is marketed and with entity mode and standards is besieged towards couples in their 30s. Verisa factory and shop choices are publicized by the Japanese website.

The Verisa is presented in such a style that in front wheel drive (2WD) and electronic four wheels drive (e4WD) arrangement. With one engine choice which distributes the following energy and good organization information: 83 kW (113 PS; 111 hp) at 6000 rpm and torque of 140 Nm (14.3 kgf/m) at 4000 rpm. The 2WD achieves 18.4 km/L on combined scale with 136.2g/km of CO2 emission. However, on e4WD version it achieves 17.2 km/L on combined with 135 g/km of CO2 emission.

Mazda created 19,473 units and advertised 18,526 Verisa in the financial year of 2004. Mazda manufactured 14,336 units and put up for sale 14,414 models in the financial year of 2005. Mazda’s website did not issued the summing up information for the financial year of 2006 and onwards. But, breakages for domestic trades of individual automobile sculpt are obtainable every month.

In 2006 and 2009, Mazda brought upgraded models of Verisa. The ‘Brown Collection’ launched in 2005, while the ‘Stylish V’ released in 2007 and were the two special limited version of the vehicle. In 2011, the second generation is likely to be released. As car is not accessible so widely but it gained international appreciation so its customers demands its more purchase.

The Verisa is also offered in certain left-hand drive countries like New Zealand, but it doesn’t have a huge market base. Its sales are constrained to limited market.

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