Mazda CX-9

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A full-sized crossover SUV introduced by Japanese automaker Mazda in 2007 and classified as a ‘modern station wagon’ by station wagon. In Australia and North America, the CX-9 took the place of Mazda MPV minivan. Prior to its debut, it was exhibited by Mazda at the New York International Auto Show on April 13, 2006. The CX-9 is assembled in Japan at Mazda’s Ujina 1 plant located in Hiroshima Prefecture.

It is based on the Ford CD3 platform also used for the Ford Edge. The CX-9 comes with a 3.7-L V6 engine commonly used by the Ford range. Despite having resemblance with the CX-7, the performance specs and platform are entirely different. The CX-9 comes in 4-wheel drive or front-wheel drive layout. Considering its seating arrangement, cargo area and drivetrain, it seems to follow the Mitsubishi Outlander in the North American market.

It is marketed in Australia and Indonesia as well where it replaced the CX-7. Although, it is assembled in a left-hand drive country, i.e. Japan, it is still sold in some right-hand drive countries including New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia. It is also imported to some European markets as well as in Russia.

2007 Model

The CX-9 when launched was powered by a 3.5-L Cyclone V6 engine. It also featured some standard safety measures including traction control, third-row side curtain airbags, Dynamic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control, and front side impact airbags. Other enhancement features were a DVD navigation system, backup camera, rear entertainment system with Bose 5.1 surround sound, and hands-free Bluetooth phone link.

2008 Model

Mazda boosted the engine displacement from 3.5-L to 2.7-L for the 2008 model. The new engine can deliver 204 kW (273 hp) and torque of about 366 Nm (270 lb-ft). The engine was developed at the Mazda’s engine plant in Japan in 2007. Apart from new 3.7-L engine, Mazda also introduced an Aisin F21++ 6-speed automatic transmission featuring a console-mounted shifter in a complex gate in 2008 model year. Other features include a Rearview Mirror mounted Backup Camera System and a Blind Spot Monitoring System. A Collision avoidance/blind spot warning detector was also present.

The only drawback with 2008 model is the insufficient storage space inside the cabin.


Mazda introduced the facelift of CX-9 in 2009 at the New York International Auto Show for 2010 model year. The facelifted model offers a revised grille. In Australia, three different versions of 2010 CX-9 are offered including Classic, Luxury and Grand Touring.

Some of the major features introduced in 2010 CX-9 are: a tri-zone climate control and a Bluetooth hands-free interface. Touring and Grand Touring are the top of the line trim levels featuring higher end audio and rear DVD entertainment systems. As for price, the model featuring all these options is available up to the price of $40,000.

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