Isuzu P’up (Isuzu Faster)

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The Isuzu P’up or Isuzu Faster, a line of pickup trucks built and sold by Japanese automaker Isuzu from 1972 to 2002. The Faster remained in production for three generations during its entire lifetime. In 2002, the Isuzu D-Max was launched as a replacement vehicle for the Faster. However, D-Max didn’t replace Faster in North America.

First Generation (1972–1980)

The first generation KB20/25 series Faster was launched in 1972. It was based on Isuzu Florian and so many features were identical between the two such as doors, front-end assembly. The first generation Faster replaced the Isuzu Wasp which was a pickup variant of Bellett. The rebadged Faster was marketed under Isuzu KB name in many export markets by Isuzu.

The Faster featured a conventional truck chassis over a ladder frame and a leaf spring with live axle rear suspension. The independent setup in front utilized A-arm suspension. Its 6 foot (1.8 meter) bed and 102.4 inch (2.6 meter) wheelbase was quite identical to its rival vehicles.

A 4WD version was released in 1978 and was marketed in Japanese market as the ‘Faster Rodeo’. There were also introduced a long-wheelbase and double cab version for Faster’s this generation. In 1980, the first generation was withdrawn with the launch of second generation model.

Second Generation (KB; 1980–1988)

KB was the model code used for the second generation Faster. It was sold all across the world as ‘Isuzu KB’ or simply as ‘Pick Up’. The 4-wheel drive version of second generation retained the moniker ‘Rodeo’. It was considered as the first Isuzu pickup version that was available in three different cab styles, i.e. ‘single cab’, ‘double cab’ and ‘Space Cab’ (sold as Sports Cab in selected export markets).

Third Generation (TF; 1988–2002)

In 1988, the third generation Faster was launched in Japan. Depending on its drivetrain, the Japanese version was sold with two names, i.e. the rear-wheel drive version was sold as Isuzu Faster, while the four-wheel drive version was sold as Isuzu Rodeo. Eventually, the Rodeo moniker became common in many export markets, still abundance of badges continued to be used in different markets. In US market, it was marketed as Isuzu Pickup and Chevrolet LUV. In British market, it was sold as Isuzu TF and/or Vauxhall Brava. Many European countries also used the Isuzu TF label alongside Opel Campo. Opel name was also used in few regions of North America, Middle East and Asian markets.

In the Australasia, the only name used was the Holden Rodeo. In South Africa and some related markets, it was sold as Isuzu KB. In Thailand, it was sold under several names, i.e. Isuzu Faster-Z, Isuzu TFR, Isuzu Dragon Eyes, Isuzu Dragon Power, and Honda Tourmaster. In certain other markets, the names used for Faster were: Isuzu Fuego (Philippines), Chevrolet T-Series (Egypt), Isuzu Ippon (Israel), and in China as the Jinbei SY10 series, Foton Aoling T-Series, while in the north-eastern parts of Malaysia (Sabah) as the Isuzu Invader.

In 1994, the Isuzu Faster was discontinued in Japan without any direct replacement. It continued to be sold in export markets until 2002 when D-Max replaced it.

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