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Isuzu Motors Ltd. is Japanese based commercial vehicle and heavy-duty truck manufacturing company, located in Tokyo Japan. If we probe deep into the history of the development of the company, we will come to know that the traces of development of Isuzu go back to 1916. It was in this year when Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. began working for automobile production. A Wolseley model A-9 was the first truck produced in 1922. Later in 1934, in a meeting with Ministry of Trade and Industry Standards, it was decided to rename the vehicle as ‘Isuzu’ named after Isuzu River in Ise Shrine region. However, it was not until 1949 when the company gets its formal name as ‘Isuzu Motors Limited’.

Isuzu trucks played a vital role in rehabilitation of nation after the Second World War. During this period, the production of Isuzu trucks was quite quick so as to transport different kind of stuff and products from one place to another.

The N-Series, light-duty trucks were announced in 1959 and offered with diesel engine. Isuzu has always been involved in bringing some new innovation in light-duty trucks and it is for this reason we have a number of different models from Isuzu. In 1974, Isuzu introduced the Flat Low model, Wide Cab came in 1980 and in 1990 Isuzu introduced front independent suspension. In 2002, Isuzu launched its new ELF KR, first to clear the short-term emission standards set in 2003.

In 1970, Isuzu launched its medium-sized F-Series followed by a bedless model and FORWARD V in 1998. FORWARDMAX appeared in 1999. The highly effective Smoother-F transmission was offered in 2002.

The C&E heavy-duty trucks and tractors were launched in 1995 followed by the GIGAMAX that came with first 4-bag air suspension in 1997. Isuzu introduced Smoother-G transmission in the GIGA tractors launched in 2001.

In 1996, Isuzu launched its large size tour bus, GALA. Three years later, Isuzu brought its two medium-size buses including GALA mio and ERGA mio. In 2000, Isuzu introduced its long-route/private use bus, ERGA.

History of Passenger Vehicles

Isuzu is not limited to the production of trucks, buses and tractors but also has a good reputation as a producer of passenger vehicles as well. Isuzu produced its first passenger car, Hillman back in 1953. Later in 1961, Bellel was introduced followed by Bellett in 1963. The world saw the Giugiaro-designed 117 coupe in 1968. Gemini, a joint venture of both Isuzu and General Motors appeared on the scene in1974. The Piazza and the Rodeo Bighorn were appeared in 1981. Later in 1985, FF Gemini was launched.

History of Advancement Overseas

Both Isuzu and General Motors signed an agreement in 1971 as a result of which Isuzu was able to direct its overseas policy plan. Based on the agreement, Isuzu started exporting KB pickups to the United States by the year 1972. In 1974, Isuzu as a part of first world car plan launched its Gemini. Since then Isuzu has made a smooth progress by establishing its roots in Thailand, China and North America etc.

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