Honda Step WGN

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Honda is involved in the production of Honda Step WGN, a mid-sized MPV since 1996. Unlike Odyssey and Stream, the design of the Step WGN features a rather higher cabin and also it offers space for eight people rather than seven in the Odyssey and Stream. The car as standard comes with one door at the driver’s side and the other two on the sidewalk side.

First Generation (1996-2001)

The first generation Step WGN was launched by Honda in 1995 as F-MX at the Tokyo Auto Show. During the period from 1996 to 2000, the Step WGN received a number of different modifications and redesigning. There was also a facelift version that appeared in 1999.

Second Generation (2001-2005)

In the 2001, the second generation Step WGN appeared. Although, the design line was almost similar to the first generation model, it received a 2.4-L petrol engine.

Majority of the features in the second generation Step WGN were the same as of first generation. However, in this generation model four styles of seating arrangements are offered: Play mode, Food mode (or restaurant mode), Sleep mode and Cargo mode. The vehicle received a 2.0-L K20 DOHC i-VTEC engine, generating 158 HP. In the second generation Step WGN the fuel tank was shifted from left side to right side.

Third Generation (2005-2009)

The third generation Step WGN was launched in 2005. It was considered as a complete makeover of the series. This model received a sliding door on both sides rather than on one side as its previous counterparts. The idea was to make this Step WGN a good competitor of the vans like Nissan Serena and Toyota Estima.

The third generation Step WGN was offered in two engines specs including a 2.0L K20A engine, generating 153HP mated to a four-speed automatic transmission and a 2.4L K24A engine, generating 160 HP mated to a CVT transmission.

The third generation Stepwgs showed remarkable sales in Japan and Hong Kong.

Fourth Generation (2009-Present)

The fully redesigned, fourth generation model of Step WGN was introduced in October, 2009. This model was relatively larger than its previous counterparts. The height and the length were increased and the width remained the same. The Step WGN Spada made a comeback with all its unique headlamp design and grille. Seven trim levels were offered for fourth generation Step WGN including G, G L Package, L, Li, Spada S, Spada Z and Spada Zi. In the fourth generation Step WGN, the 2.0-L engine was discontinued and the focus was given on the use of 2.0-L petrol engine. Also, the Step WGN is offered in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. In October, 2010, the Step WGN Spada and Step WGN Spada special-needs made debut in Japan.

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