Honda Passport

Zaheer May 30, 2011 0

Honda Passport, a compact SUV was first introduced in 1994 by Isuzu as Honda’s first step to enter into the truck market of the US. The design and production of Passport was carried out by Isuzu who initially sold it as Rodeo. It was considered as the quick fix for the emerging SUV market in the United States. Passport was basically an SUV wagon version of the Isuzu pickup truck that resembled to the Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Jeep Cherokee. Although, the Honda Passport was finely built, the reviews suggested that the design was a hint too old for the current scenario as there were many crossover and trucks were built some innovative designs.

In 1990, the agreement was signed between Isuzu and Honda and this Passport was a part of that agreement. According to agreement, Isuzu was intended to supply Honda with SUVs and Honda in turn supplied Isuzu with vehicles including Isuzu Gemini (based on Honda Civic) and Isuzu Oasis (based on Honda Odyssey). Apart from Passport, Isuzu also supplied Honda with Trooper SUVs that were sold as Acura SLX. The Passport had a good market in the regions like Pacific Northwest where it competed with truck-based Nissan Pathfinder.

The second generation Passport appeared from 1998 to 2002. It was offered in two trim levels, i.e. LX and upscale EX. In EX, the spare tire was mounted below the cargo area, while the LX came with mounted swing carrier at rear. The year 2000 model came with slight modifications like it featured 2-tone exterior colors and 16-inch wheels were optional for LX.

After the 2002 year model, the production of the Passport was ceased and Honda Pilot replaced it. At the same time, Isuzu withdrew from the Canadian market as a result of which Honda Pilot also took the place of Isuzu Rodeo. This period was regarded as the downfall of Isuzu as it not only ceased Rodeo but also Axiom, eventually the sales of the Isuzu in the US market fall drastically.

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