Honda Life

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Honda Life is a small car or a kei car sedan manufactured by Honda Motor Company.

First Generation (1971-1974)

First generation Life was either came as two-door or four-door sedan as well as in a two-door wagon model. It got a water-cooled 36 HP (27 kW) 356cc engine.

In 1971, van version was launched followed a hatchback wagon version a month later.

Life Step Van

Life Step Van came with a 360cc, two-cylinder water-cooled engine. Its high back body helped increasing the centre of gravity so as to make it easier to roll over.

On September 20, 1972, the van was offered for sale and the initial price tags for the van’s different versions were ¥376,000, ¥388,000, ¥403,000 for standard, standard (after production of Life pickup) and Super DX respectively. Total of 17,165 units of the vehicle were offered for sale.

Life Pick-up

Life pick-up was first launched on August 21, 1973. Only 1132 units of this pick-up truck were produced and the production was discontinued in 1974.

Second Generation (1997-1998)

Honda’s effort brought the life back into its Life lineup in 1997 when it introduced a small, front wheel drive, 5-door MPV style car. It was redesigned completely in 1998 so as to make it accord with the new Japanese taxing regulations. A three-cylinder Honda E07A engine was used in it.

Third Generation (1998-2003)

In 1998, the third generation model of Life was introduced which is slightly bigger than the second generation version. It was 3395 mm long and 1475 mm wide.

A turbocharged variant called Honda Life Dunk was launched as 2001 year model in 2000. Forbes magazine reported the names Honda Life Dunk and Honda That as weirdest car names.

Fourth Generation (2003-2008)

In 2006, Honda updated its Life to fourth generation by introducing 660cc 3-cylinder engine. It was offered with an option turbocharger coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission as well as four-wheel drive. Special attention had been given to improve the safety features and reducing emissions.

A DIVA model with aerodynamic styling and aluminum wheels was launched in 2005.

In 2006, the production of Honda Life 2007 year model began. This model featured the Honda’s First Smart Parking Assist System.

DIVA Special

Fourth generation also saw the production of DIVA special model that went on sale in 2006.

F Happy Special

It was launched in 2007.

C Specials

Both C Comfort Special and C Fine Special appeared in December, 2007.

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