Honda Legend

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Honda Legend was manufactured as a mid0size luxury sedan. A Project XX – a joint agreement between the Honda Motor Company and Austin Rover Group of Great Britain was resulted in the creation of Honda Legend in November, 1981. Legend was mechanically associated with the Rover 800 Series.

As soon as the Honda Legend made its entry into the market, several rival automakers in Europe, Japan and North America became active so as to revised or introduced new vehicles to compete with the Honda Legend. Toyota took the initiative with its F1 project in 1983, a codename used for its secret flagship sedan which became popular as Lexus LS. Nissan worked on its premium flagship the President that was first launched in 1966 and offered it as Infiniti Q45 in North America. Mitsubishi also started working on its flagship sedan, the Mitsubishi Debonair that was launched in 1964 and redesigned it completely in 1986 and later shared it with Korean automaker Hyundai to come up with Hyundai Grandeur. Mitsubishi also included the Diamante in its lineup with Debonair in 1990.

In 1998, Lincoln in North America brought the respected Continental for the first time as a front wheel drive luxury sedan powered with a V6 engine. General Motors introduced its GM H platform (FWD) used by Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac mid-size sedans. Audi also came into action with introducing its A6 in 1994. In i988, BMW brought the BMW 5 Series (E34).

However, the Honda Legend, a flagship sedan is designed and developed with a view to target the market of JDM Nissan Cedric/Nissan Gloria twins and Toyota Crown. The Honda Legend came into competition with larger rear wheel drive V8 sedans like Lexus LS, Infiniti Q45, Cadillac Sedan de Ville, and Lincoln Town Car. Legend also competed with some larger German sedans as well as some small executive car class like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Lexus ES, Infiniti J30, Alfa Romeo 164, and the Volvo 940.

In the beginning, the Legend was introduced as a four-door sedan. Later, a two-door personal luxury coupe was also added into the lineup. This model led the basis for Acura brand in the United States. The first Honda Legend got the V6 engine.

The first generation Legend remained from 1986-1995 and was appeared with a nameplate of Acura Legend in the North America. The car is renamed to Acura RL when it was appeared in 1996 as third generation Legend. However, the nameplate Legend is still prominent in Japan and certain other markets.

In 1987, the Legend coupe appeared on the scene and this coupe shares some mechanical features of Rover 800 coupe and was designed to compete with Nissan Leopard coupe, the Toyota Soarer, and Mazda Cosmo.

Honda has faced a lot pressure to upgrade the engine of its Legend from V6 to something higher. Although, Honda is using V8 and V10 engines in its racing models, there are no reports that whether Honda is going to upgrade its Legend engine from V6 to V8 or not.

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