Honda Inspire

Zaheer May 30, 2011 0

In 1990, Honda introduced its luxury sedan, the Honda Inspire. The design of the Honda Inspire is based on the chassis of Honda Accord. The very first Inspire that introduced by Honda bore the name tag of Accord Inspire, a sister name tag for the Honda Vigor. Later, the Honda Vigor was exported as Acura Vigor to US market. Different retail channels such as Honda Clio, Verno and Primo stores in Japan sold the same car with different nameplates such as Vigor, Saber and Inspire.

The second generation Inspire launched in 1995 and was based on Honda Legend platform. This second generation Inspire then exported to US as Acura 3.2TL and the name tag Vigor replaced with Honda Saber. It was also offered with a 2.5L striaght-5 engine as Acura 2.5TL.

The third generation of Honda Inspire appeared for the first time in US markets in 1999. The third generation Inspire was in fact based on US-spec Accord platform and was almost completely assembled in the United States by R&D Americas, Incorporation located in Raymond, Ohio. Although, these third generation Inspires assembled in United States, these were imported to Japan with name tag of Inspire and Saber.

The fourth generation Inspire appeared in June, 2003 in Japan.  It was basically a redesigned version of the American-spec Accord. The fourth generation Honda Inspire marked as the first car in which the company introduced its new Variable Cylinder Management System technology. The fourth generation Inspire received slight modifications in October 2005 in terms of headlights, taillights, new color arrangement and improved interior. The Inspire was in competition with many entry level luxury sedans in Japan, especially the Nissan Teana, Toyota Mark X etc.

Honda Motor Company brought the fifth generation Inspire at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, 2007. It was essentially a new 2008 North American-market Accord that received some slight modifications on its interior as well as exterior.

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