Honda Freed

Zaheer May 30, 2011 0

The Honda Freed is a in the production since 2008. It is in fact a Mini MPV and is regarded as the replacement vehicle for the Honda Mobilio. The Honda Freed design is based on the Jazz/Fit platform. The Honda Freed is offered in three different versions including an eight-seat version; a seven-seat version; and a five-seat version. Besides these, the company said that it also offers a wheelchair-accessible model having side lift-up seat and passenger lift-up seat.

The Honda Freed gets a 1.5L engine under its hood similar to the one used in the Honda jazz/City with an output of 118 HP. However, there is a slight difference of torque between the engine used in the Honda Freed and the Honda City/Jazz. The Honda Jazz/City had an output of 120 HP with a maximum torque of 145 Nm whereas the Honda Freed has a torque of 148 Nm.

After its release in Japan, it is launched in the Indonesia on March 21, 2009. The vehicle is assembled at Honda’s Karawang Plant and from there it is exported to other Asian countries. It is important to mention here that the Honda Freed assembled for Asian market is 20 mm high than the one assembled for Japanese market.

The company made a statement in September 2009 that the Hybrid version of the Honda Freed will be available for sale by 2011.

After the Indonesia, the car was launched in Thailand and Singapore and was launched in Malaysia on April 22, 2010. Honda Malaysia set a target to sell 1200 units of Freed in a year.

The Honda Freed reached the Hong Kong market on January 23, 2011. All the production units offered for sale in Hong Kong are completely assembled in Japan. Seven-seat version is also offered in Hong Kong.

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