Honda FCX

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Honda FCX commonly known as Fuel Cell eXperimental is from hydrogen fuel cell lineup produced by Honda Motors.

About 20 units of Honda FCX are there on the roads up till March 2007. These are common in state of New York, cities of Los Vegas, Chula Vista, San Francisco and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (in three different states).

The latest Honda Clarity is a fuel cell vehicle whose design is taken from the 2007 concept model. The sale of this latest cell vehicle started on June 19, 2008 in Japan and United States. The company stated in a statement that we are planning for mass production of the next fuel cell vehicle model that will be based on FCX concept somewhere around 2018.

1999 FCX Concept and Prototypes

The first ever prototype FCX was introduced in 1999 and it was a four-door, four-seat vehicle having a length of 4165 mm, width of 1760 mm and height of 1645 mm. The fuel cell used in the vehicle was a PEFC (proton exchange membrane) by Ballard Power Systems. It could create a power output of 78 kW.

As far as engine is concerned, it can generate 80 HP (60 kW) and a torque of 272 Nm (201 lb-ft). EPA certified range for the vehicle is 170 miles.

On December 2, 2002, the first fuel cell vehicle made its way to Japanese and US markets.

2002 FCX

The 2002 FCX was a front-wheel drive and was still a four-seat hatchback. The 2002 FCX is a bit powerful than its predecessor in terms of output as it can generate 107 HP (80 kW) and a torque of 282 Nm (201lb-ft) with a maximum speed of 190 miles.

2005 FCX

The 2005 FCX was considered as the second generation fuel cell vehicle. In 2005 FCX, Honda used a fuel cell stack designed and produced by Honda. Both EPA and CARB certified the fuel cell for commercial use. The city/highway EPA rating for this fuel cell vehicle stood at 62/51m/kg and 57m/kg on combined scale. As for EPA fuel economy, it could get 20% improvement, i.e. 51/46 m/kg (48 m/kg on combined scale) and a 33% gain in peak power.

2006 FCX Concept

Honda revealed the production version of concept FCX on 25 September, 2006. The concept version is a four-door sedan with several improvements. Unlike previous versions, the concept FCX version has a more spacious interior. According to the company, this concept FCX will enter into production by 2008 in Japan and US.

2008 FCX Clarity

At the Los Angeles Auto Show on 15 November, 2007, Honda Motors revealed the first production model of its FCX Clarity. The company said that the production model will be available for lease by summer 2008, however, at the beginning the model will be only sold in Southern Californian market and the availability of the model will expand as more and more hydrogen fueling station become reachable. The lease will be available for 36 months at an amount of $600 per month.

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