Honda Elysion

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Honda Elysion, emerged as an 8-seater minivan, competing the Toyota Alphard and the Nissan Elgrand, to be sold in Japan only. The USA-spec Honda Odyssey and Japanese Honda Elysion are related though but are not the same vehicles. The Odyssey differentiated from its predecessors that it used sliding doors instead of the rear door and the JDM Odyssey used conventional side doors, found on MPVs. The USA-spec Odyssey was known as the Honda La-Great in Japan and was too large for the likes of Japan; Elysion therefore adopted many a styles from La-Great and applied them onto a smaller vehicle.

Honda coined the vehicle’s name “Elysion” inspired by the classical Greek word Elysium, meaning heaven. The first appearance of Elysion was at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2003 as the ASM and on the 13th of May 2004, was released for sale. In September 2005, a minor body modification was introduced, releasing an “Aero” and “VG Premium” trim level. January 2006 marked the introduction of two more modified editions, the “G Aero HDD Navi” & “VG HDD Navi Aero”. A further interior update was introduced in December 2006.

The Elysion came with either a 2.4L DOHC direct injection K24A with i-VTEC or the 3.0L SOHCJ30A V6 i-VTEC. The V6 also came with “VCM” or Variable Cylinder Management. The ‘Prestige’ model came with J35A V6 used in the Honda Legend and available AWD. AWD equipped vehicles had the same Legend engine but with a reduced power.

The Concept

Elysion first emerged as a concept car known as Honda ASM at the Tokyo Motor Show 2003 and was finally produced half a year later with modifications in the headlight, front grill and interior. It was launched officially in late 2004 for the Japanese domestic market. Elysion was a show-off piece for the Honda producers to promote their finest technical capabilities and all round safety, ecology and human comfort.

The Design

Elysion has an oval shaped body, sculptured in such a way to minimize any hard edges which raise wind noise and also to minimize the coefficient drag (CD). The CD might be the lowest as compared to all other rivals and the low CD also provides a better fuel economy and overall stability.

The interior of Elysion is encompassed by luxurious materials, including soft and light soundproof material which makes the cabin pretty quiet once the doors are closed. However, the luxury adds to the total weight undoubtedly which is around 1800kg.

Though the car appears large, the actual dimension is quite modest. At 4840 mm, the length is quite similar to the 3.0L second-generation Odyssey RA6 or about 1cm longer than the current Camry. The width at 1830mm is about 3cm wider than the RA6 or about 2cm wider than the Camry. Difference lies in the clever space management making 70% of total space available as cabin also including the height of 1790mm, which is an extra of 18cm from RA6 or about 24cm more than the current Odyssey. This extra height heightens the Elysion’s seating position or at the level of Harrier SUV and provides a very roomy and enjoyable interior that can seat 8 adults in utmost comfort.

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