Honda Accord History

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Honda Accord is known to be the most renowned car in the United States of which more then 10 million units were sold in 2009. Since the appearance of Honda Accord, it has been remained a popular car throughout the United States. The popularity of the car can be judged by the fact that it has been ranked among the top five best selling automobiles for over twenty years. Car and Driver Magazine named this car 21 times in the list of top 10 best vehicles.


During the United States’ bicentennial year of 1976, the Honda Accord made its way to the American automobile market. The name Accord was given to this car to acknowledge the efforts of its parent company. Honda Accord when made its debut was slightly better than its small but economical predecessor, Honda Civic. However, the Accord featured a wheelbase smaller than the company’s sub-compact, the Honda Fit.


The Honda Accord was a three-door hatchback when it was announced back in 1976 powered by a 1.6-L aluminum engine capable of generating 68 HP, a standard five-speed manual transmission, AM/FM radio and remote hatch release. Appearance wise, Accord was much sportier than its predecessor Civic. The car bore the price tag of $3,995.


In 1982, the second generation Honda Accord was released. The same year the Honda started manufacturing passenger cars in the Honda plant of America established in the United States. Some of the major features included in the second generation Honda Accord were the introduction of stronger wheelbase, efficient and powerful engine together with an optional four-speed automatic transmission. The second generation Accord was more fuel economical as compared to its previous model with an EPA of 29 miles per gallon in the city while 40 miles per gallon on highway.


The third generation Honda Accord was appeared between 1986 and 1989 which was available in five distinguished models. Customers were given the choice to choose from the DX Hatchback, the DX Sedan, the LX Sedan, the LXi Hatchback or the LXi Sedan. The third generation Honda Accord featured even larger wheelbase, roomier interior, a stronger engine and certain other features like retractable headlights. It was relatively expensive as the 1988 LXi Coupe sold at $14,960.


With the passage of time, every new generation model is so designed keeping in view the demands and changing trends of the American society. At present, eight generation model of Honda Accord is there which is three feet longer than 1976 model. All the major features have been improved including fuel efficiency, environmental concerns and safety. The current version of Honda Accord is offered with an optional 3.5-L V6 engine capable of generating an impressive 268 horsepower.

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