Hino Dutro

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The Japanese automaker Hino introduced a light commercial truck in 1999. It was built on Toyota Dyna’s platform. It used the same U300 platform for its standard cab version, while for wide cab, it opted for U400 platform. Both these platforms were earlier used by Toyota Dyna and Toyoace. The Hino Dutro is available in several chassis types so as to perform different functions.

It is also exported in good number of countries including Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Chile Indonesia, Colombia and in some countries of Latin America. The Dutro was also introduced in Canadian market for the year 2008 model as ‘155’. The models sold in Canada are assembled in Woodstock, Ontario with CKD kits shipped from Japan, while the models sold in Andinian and Latin American markets are assembled in Cota, Cundinamarca Colombia and Chile with CKD kits shipped from Japan.

However, there are markets, where Hino Dutro is imported directly from its Japanese assembling plant.


Several different versions are offered in Japan such as Wide Cab, Double Cab, hybrid electric, 4-wheel drive and Route Van. A wide range of engines are offered, such as a 3.7-L 4B, 4.1-L 15B-FTE, 4.0-L N04C, 4.6-L S05C, 4.7-L J05D, 4.8-L S05D and 5.3-L J05C.


In 2002, it debuted in Indonesia where 5 versions are offered including 125ST, 125LT, 125HT, 140GT, and 140HT. These are all Standard Cabs. Except for 125ST which is a 4-wheeler short-wheelbase, all the rest are 6-wheeler based on long-wheelbase. All 125 models uses 4.0-L W04D engine, while the 140 models receive 4.6-L S05C engine.

As of 2007, government passed Euro-2 emission regulations and bound all the vehicles to fulfill the requirements as a result of which Hino came up with 4 new models featuring a customized W04D engine with intercooler turbocharger. The 4 new models include the 110SD, 110LD, 130MD and 130HD.


The available versions of Dutro in Thailand are Dutro 300, 301, 340, 410 and 420, where 340 is Standard and 420 is Wide Cab.


In Cota, Colombia, a new assembly plant of Hino is developed jointly by a local automaker and Toyota group. This assembly plant developed a Hino Series 300 Light cargo called the Dutro series Trucks.

Second Generation (2011-present)

The second generation Dutro is introduced in 2011. Majority of these models are manufactured in Japanese plant, however, these are also assembled in Canada, Colombia and Indonesia. The second generation is introduced with an engine that complies with the EURO IV/V/VI emission standards. It also received a whole host of new reinforcements.

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