Daihatsu Xenia (Toyota Avanza)

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A mini MPV, the Toyota Avanza is designed and manufactured in Indonesia and also in produced in Malaysia. Both the Avanza and Xenia are based on similar platform. The vehicle was first revealed at the 2003 Gaikindo Auto Expo. On its debut year, about 100,000 units were sold. The term ‘Avanza’ is derived from the Italian word ‘avanzato’ meaning ‘advance’.

The introduction of Avanza (a low premier MPV) was an attempt to divide the Toyota Kijang into two separate models, i.e. the Toyota Innova, a luxurious, high-spec model for top end market.

The Avanza is also offered in Egypt, Pakistan, Brunei, Lebanon, South Africa, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico, China, Thailand and Sri Lanka.


The Avanza is a 5-door MPV based on FR layout. It is powered by a 1.3-L gasoline inline-4 engine delivering an impressive 67 kW (92 PS) at 6,000 rpm and a 1.5-L gasoline engine delivering 80 kW (109 PS) at 6,000 rpm.

In 2006, a revised version of Avanza was released featuring a powerful 1.5-L 16-valve DOHC VVT-i gasoline unit similar to the one used in Toyota Rush. It also featured anti-lock braking system (ABS). Other features were: a new grille, new bumper, new front and rear lamps, and a revised interior.

Two trim levels are offered in Malaysian market, i.e. the 1.5G with automatic transmission and the 1.3E with both automatic and manual transmission. As for price of Avanza, it ranges from RM60,231 for base model to RM74,941 for the top end model.

Since 2006, the Avanza has also been sold in Philippines. The two trim levels offered are the ‘J’ and the ‘G. The J trim is equipped with a 1.3-L I3 engine mated to a manual transmission. It doesn’t offer any power windows or locks. The G trim is available with a 1.5-L engine combined with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. A variant of J trim without third row was introduced in 2008. This variant is widely used as metered taxicabs in the Philippines.

In 2008, the Avanza was restyled once again. This time it received a revised coloring scheme for its interior and a new roof with grooves to enhance the airflow to the back.

Daihatsu Xenia

The Daihatsu Xenia is identical to the Toyota Avanza. It is equipped with a 1.3-L EFI engine used in Avanza. In addition to this, it also has a 1.0-L 3-cylinder engine delivering 63 PS (46 kW; 62 hp) at 5600 rpm and torque of 92 Nm (68 lb-ft) at 3600 rpm.

On June 21, 2007, the Daihatsu along with First Automobile Works (FAW) introduced the Xenia in China. The assembly and production work of the Xenia was performed at the FAW Jilin Auto facility. Like Avanza, the Xenia also comes with a 1.3-L and 1.5-L EFI engines.

At present, the Xenia is only available in Chinese and Indonesian markets.

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