Autobacs Seven

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Autobacs Seven Co, Ltd is basically a Japanese based retailer of automotive parts and accessories with branches all across the world. As far as the name concerned, it is formed by combining two words, ‘auto and ‘bacs’ where ‘auto’ stands for Appeal, Unique, Tire, Oil and ‘bacs’ stands for Battery, Accessory, Car Audio and Service.


It was in 1947 when the company was first founded by Toshio Sumino at Fukushima-ku Osaka as Fuji Syokai Co., Ltd. A year after the establishment of company, he opened a branch of the company in Osaka. The Fuji Drive Shop, a first large automotive good store was opened by Sumino in 1960. Later, in 1969, he sponsored a car in Japanese Grand Prix and entered in motorsports sponsorship for the first time. “AUTOBACS Higashi Osaka Store” was the first Autobacs store opened in Daito, Osaka in 1974 followed by its first franchise store, “AUTOBACS Hakodate Nakamichi Store” in Hakodate, Hokkaido the next year. Atuobacs started developing and selling its own motor oil and tire by the year 1977. By the end of the decade, Autobacs had 100 stores and reached then next landmark in 1984 when Autobacs opened its 200th store.


In the late 90s, the Asian recession banished many large companies and a renowned car manufacturer Tommy Kaira was one of them. Autobacs bought this car manufacturer in 2001 and renamed it as ASL which is an acronym for “Autobacs Sports Car Laboratory”.

Garaiya was the first car that was manufactured by ASL. We don’t have much information except for the Garaiya was a little sports car based on the Tommy Kaira ZZ with an output of 180 HP and powered by the Nissan Primera’s SR20VE engine. The car had a weight of about 900kg.

Since 2003, this customized ASL Garaiya has been taken on to the field by the Autobacs Racing Team Aguri (ARTA) in the GT300 Class of the SUPER GT race series in Japan. ARTI is a team which is collaboratively formed by Autobacs and the former F1 driver Aguri Suzuki.

Another popular car by ASL was the RS01, originally known as the Tommy Kaira ZZII. It was larger as well as faster offered in varieties of engines range from 2.0 to 3.5 liters to meet several different racing regulations. The weight of the car was estimated to be 1000kg. However, the original model is based on Nissan Skyline GT-R (RB26DETT) engine with an impressive 542 HP. This prototype model also contained R34 GT-R’s ATTESA ETS all-wheel drive system. This car never went in for production.

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